A shop with an exclusive interior with a quality decoration is always attracting many buyers and can make a regular income to their owners. That is why the goal of our company is implementation of innovative design solutions in the field of interior decorating shops, facades, advertising structures, systems for ensuring the maintenance of the store.

We can proudly say that our company creates the unique atmosphere of shops and boutiques that reveals the originality in the assortment most fully and satisfies the customer who not only purchased the goods, but also to transform the process of visiting a shop in a pleasant time spent. We take into consideration not only the feature of the space, but also the nuances of the technology and convenience to customers, which undoubtedly raise the popularity of the shop among the customers, improve dynamics of attendance and sales, increase the prestige of the brand.

Our company acts as the technical customer, general contractor and directly performs work as:

- Construction works.

- Installation of ventilation and air conditioning.

- Water supply.

- Electrical engineering software.

- Production of advertising structures.

We also supervise shops in the field of maintenance - perform the services to ensure the smooth operation of engineering systems and the maintenance of the interior in a good quality.

Own production of commercial equipment and products from solid, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and LDSP (Laminated Chipboard) can represented in the interior for almost any customer requirements.

For a dynamic network of shops, the most important factors of production and delivery of stores in maintenance are turnaround time and the geographical spread of outlets in different regions. We are ready to consider any option on the timing and location of objects. Our logistics system and emergency professionals arrive at the place to solve the required task in the shortest possible time.

Among our customers are well-known brands like MANGO, CENTRO, PROMOD.

The success of our customers is our success!