Our repair & engineering company can act as:

  • Technical client;
  • General contractor.

We can render you the following services:

— Construction and installation,
— Electrical mounting,
— Installation of ventilation and conditioning systems,
— Electrical – technical mounting
— Water supply and drainage,
  • Production and mounting of advertisement constructions
— Interior and exterior finishing of stores of any complexity

We also agree design and construction documents with all supervisory and authorizing organizations.

Our company will carry out all kinds of demounting, reconstruction and repair works both at existing and newly constructed facilities.
We will install, connect and bring into operation the required technical equipment.

Remoteness and complicatedness of projects does not matter.

Having private industry of shop equipment, we will create and embody any interiors for stores and boutique of apparel up to the Client’s wish.

We have smoothly running supplies of required materials and equipment. Consistent quality control over applied construction and finishing materials, engineering equipment and construction & mounting works at all stages is executed.

Upon conclusion of construction & mounting works we can consider possibility of rendering maintenance and exploitation of objects electrical-technical equipment and engineering systems.

After on we carry out required interior repair works upon request of the Client.
Interior with perfect conditions cheers the visitors, enhances personnel performance and purchasing power.

Please send information via e-mail to

  Phone: + 7 (347) 200-07-98