Beyond any disputes, a store with exclusive interior and high quality finishing will always attract crowds of customers, yield stable profit for its owners. This is exactly why our company in Ufa pursues an aim to embody cutting-edge designer solutions in the sphere of interior finishing of sales points, facades, advertising constructions, stores operations supporting systems.

Today we can announce proudly, that our construction company “INKOM-Progress” creates genuine spirit and coloring of stores and boutiques located in various regions all over Russia and enables to expose the uniqueness of displayed product range to the fullest extent possible, satisfy the client not only with the purchased item, but also to convert the whole process of their stay in the sales point into a lovely time.

Not only the facility features, but also technological peculiarities are taken into consideration, thus all construction & mounting works are carried out at a high level. This, apparently, provides comfort for customers and enhances the store awareness, increases the dynamics of consumer traffic, ensures reputation of brand.

Our repair – engineering company can act as a technical client, general contractor and fulfill contractual activities directly:

— Construction and installation,
— Electrical mounting,
— Electrical maintenance,
— Installation of ventilation and conditioning systems,
— Water supply and drainage,
— Production of advertising constructions,

We have proven experience in tender processes providing all required documents and permissions.

Contrary to other construction & mounting organizations our company supervises the provided maintenance in terms of stores operations, i.e. renders services for non-stop running of engineering systems and maintenance of interior at a proper level.

Private industry of shop equipment and articles from mass, MDF (medium density fiberboard), laminated particle board enables to embody in interior any requirement of the Client. Along with that, we ensure perfect quality of construction & mounting works and timely facility commissioning.

For majority of clients, particularly for dynamically growing chains, timelines and geographical spreading over various regions of the Russian Federation are the most relevant factors of production and store commissioning.

We are ready to consider any option of timelines and facility location. Our logistics, material and technical support system and prompt arrival of specialists at site enables to complete required tasks in shortest timelines possible.

Companies with well-known brands are among our permanent clients, such as MANGO, TSENTROBUV, KARI, ALFA-BANK. The geography and name of completed projects is available on the map in the section “PORTFOLIO”

Our perspective is the present and future success of our clients!
Cooperate with reliable and responsible partner - turn to us!